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The medical collection was created in 2003 at PTAR 4 (Annex) to meet the needs of the faculty members. In the year 2005, the Selayang Hospital Medical Library began its operation by sharing the premise with Selayang Hospital Library. The collection was created to cater for the clinical years students doing their clinical training at the Hospital.

Same as Hospital Selayang, the Hospital Sungai Buloh Medical Library begin its operation in 2007 by sharing the premise with Hospital Sungai Buloh Library. When the new campus at Selayang was completed in January 2010, the Selayang Medical Library (PPKS) started its operation in March the same year by transferring the bulk of its medical collection from the Hospital Library. Created with a "Boutique Library' concept, the environment was molded with leisure in mind, besides sofas, cozy lounge chairs alongside coffee tables arranged in clusters.

In 2011, Teluk Intan Medical Library was established in Teluk Intan Campus. On February 2013, new campus at Sungai Buloh establishes as Headquarter of Faculty of Medicine. Books from PTAR4 (Annex) & Hospital Sungai Buloh Library was transferred to new Library at Sungai Buloh Campus.